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World's First 4D Smart Headphones

Designed for Virtual Reality, Gaming, Music, Movies and Sports.

"The sound of a train and the vibration from the CEEK 4D Headphones well reproduces the feeling one has when the train passes quickly in front of you."

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What You Hear is
What You See

The CEEK 4D Advanced Headphones combines haptic feedback and proprietary physics-based 3D Audio technology resulting in a degree of depth, interactivity and rich engulfing soundscapes.

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With the CEEK Advanced 4D Headphones you can finally experience sound the way you would experience it at the best movie theater or amusement park.

By visualizing sound and adding haptic feedback based on audio intensity, we are able to create differences in acoustical characteristics of a space in which a wave exists. These variations in the CEEK 4D Advanced Headphones enable the auditory system to accurately reproduce depth, range, perspective and distance of sound, as it existed in the real originating environment.

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World’s First
Smart Headphones for Virtual Reality, Gaming, Music, Movies and Sports

While the CEEK Advanced 4D Headphones were created for virtual reality environments, it is equally great for enjoying music, movies and other experiences anywhere, anytime!

Advanced 4D

Immerse Yourself in Sound

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Omnidirectional Audio

You don’t just hear the sound. You feel it.

CEEK's patented Smart Audio headphones are tuned and optimized with haptic feedback based on sound intensity and range.

Omnidirectional Audio
The CEEK Advanced 4D Headphones takes scene geometry and characteristics into account and dynamically generates real-time audio and the ability to precisely perceive differences in sound direction. The sound modification results in the magical effect of hearing sound where it actually emanated in relation to your position – all around you not just from pre-set locations.
5.1 Surround Sound
Traditional headphones use a 2D perspective or fixed directional transfer of sound waves making them limited in enabling a listener to localize sound. You can't really place exactly where the sound originated – up or down, left or right and behind or in front of you. Plus, you can’t feel distance or the rumbling of a train or shuttle.
Headphone: 210x200x100mm
Detachable 3.5mm audio cable/bluetooth
Driver Unit Size
40mm diameter
Max Power
Frequency Response
Two Physical Channel Balance
Haptic Feedback (Rumble)
Virtual Surround Mode
3D surround in bluetooth mode
Operation Distance
10 Meters
1200 mAh
Battery life
12 hours with Vibration
Audio Jack Cable Length
1070 mm
Micro USB

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