GALECSTASY is a beautiful exploration in sound where your mind is a reflective canvas with infinite dimensions.  


GALECSTASY is comprised of the talented vocalist musician dancer and visual artists Raquel Bell and drummer Jared “Chairy” Marshall aka Primary Mystical Experience.


Raquel Bell is a unique artist and performer, Bjork comes to mind as an artist of Bell’s nature. Bell has vocally performed in several operas most notably by American composer and music theorist Harry Partch.  An accomplished composer for countless art installations and galleries, Bell has been a part of several music projects, such as Normal Love, The Dialtones and MESIKO.


Now Raquel Bell has joined forces with Primary Mystical Experience to create GALECSTASY, and what they have created is primal, trippy and fun. 


GALECSTASY gives a performance of meditative pieces titled Color Wheel and the another titled Lizard. 


CategoryVR Concerts, Virtual Reality Concerts, 360 VR Live Performance
StudioCEEK VR Studios

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