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CEEK Virtual Reality Headset (Gold)

Explore the world of virtual reality with your CEEK VR Headset.

Enjoy exclusive premium concerts, movies, games and other exciting experiences in massive VR Venues.

CEEK VR Headset + 3 Months Subscription.

What's in the box

The CEEK Virtual Reality Headset is a simple easy to use mobile Virtual Reality glasses that is compatabile with most iPhone & Android smartphones. No software or hardware set up required for headset. Insert your smartphone with a VR app and go. Perfect for the everyday Mobile VR user.

Our specially formulated high-end lenses offer great HD viewing resolution. Wide field of view for a dramatically enhanced sense of scale and presence. Virtual Viewing simulates 1,000in screen display. With ample room for eyeglasses, 360° immersive 3D viewing and lightweight with fully adjustable straps.

Simply insert your phone with the CEEK VR App OR ANY OTHER APP from the iOS or Android store and enjoy. CEEK provides a VR App with exclusive music concerts from top artists. Discover amazing games, 360 videos and other experiences from the iOS or Android with your CEEK VR headset

Dynamic Focus Wheel Adjustment: Focus Wheel to customize your viewing and eye-sight preference to enhance enjoyment.

Soft Breathable Facial Cushion: Soft Breathable facial padding and light weights fits comfortably to the contours of your face for extended wear.

CEEK VR Headset + 3 Months Subscription


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